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2017 comes around

Many thanks to readers for making 2016 such a good year for Ice Cream for Breakfast. Thanks also to those who have asked when Stevie will be resurfacing in another book, a follow up to Ice Cream. Another story is currently 'under construction', a book set in the good old Royal again - although now the hotel has gone slightly up-market and is calling itself a 'boutique hotel' (due to the influx of cash from Stevie and her twin sister). The sequel is called Cream Teas and Celebrities and is still mostly in my head. My head is a crowded space at the moment as I'm just finishing off a final draft of a Crime Thriller called 'Not Everybody Likes Sushi'. So - Sushi is in the pipeline, nearly there, almost done, and would have been completed already except that Christmas and all the preparations got in-between. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

2016 was a productive year and a new book is on Kindle. Finding Mary is set in London, Maghera in Ireland, and Houston, Texas. It's a mixture of romance and a frisson of crime thrown in and has a new heroine called Alice. She doesn't have the humorous voice of 'Stevie', but she is still a feisty lady who believes in girl power.

Okay, that's about it. Just so I don't get too far above my station, I have to break off from writing this snippet (and my current book) for the time being to go and clean the bathroom. Well, somebody has to do it. Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone with lots of love to carry you through the winter nights. I'm looking forward to getting dug into the three Jodi Picoult books I had for Christmas - including her new one 'Small Great Things'. I hope 2017 brings you everything you wish for. It's great to have dreams - don't let anyone put you down or tell you that you can't have dreams. Anything is possible in this life; you just tell yourself you can do it - and go to it.

Best wishes,